There is no exercise better for the heart, said John Holmes, than reaching down and lifting people up. Volunteers for Africa; a leading nonprofit organization working in Africa, invites you to join the great movement of volunteers transforming this continent and making it shine. Because, when Africa, the cradle of mankind shines, humanity shines! We have networks with hundreds of grassroots organizations that are direly yearning for extra hands – skills, resources and time – to put a smile on the needy. This gives you the truest satisfaction of serving: lighting fires that will not warm you, but those who need the warmth most.

We have the following volunteerism pillars:

  • Student/Academic Volunteerism

  • Individual/Social Volunteerism
  • Employee Volunteerism

With our team of charming and supportive volunteerism officers, we make your experience as exciting as possible giving you the opportunity to experience the beauty of Africa and the hospitality of its people.

Why Should You Volunteer

Volunteering is one of the most satisfying ways you can make a real difference to people living in the toughest circumstances. People join Volunteers for Africa because they want to give something back to the society only to find out that they get much in return. VFA sends volunteers rather than money. We work on long-term, sustainable solutions. And volunteers are how we do it. Nothing compares with the satisfaction of bringing a massive change into the lives of people.

VFA needs willing volunteers with skills and experiences. Placements for up to 12 months for skilled and qualified volunteers, find out now if there are currently opportunities for you to get involved

What you'll need

  • Positive and realistic commitment to volunteering.
  • Self-assurance, as most placements involve training others.
  • Flexibility and adaptability, so that you can be able to cope with new environment.
  • Ability to solving problems, as challenges always arises in low-resourced environment.
  • Ability to work in a team, as we can better in a group than individually and ensure that the change you bring is championed locally.
  • Sensitivity to the needs of others, so that you can understand the most effective ways to achieve change.
  • A desire to learn and help others learn, so that you and your colleagues can devise the strongest solutions together.

You might not have had an opportunity recently to use these qualities, or are uncertain where your strengths lie, so we run assessment days where we can get to know you better and understand what you could bring to a placement.

Apply Now

We're grateful that you want to volunteer with VFA. Take the first step by completing our application form and telling us more about you and your professional skills then send it to

Please note: that your CV can only be accepted as part of your application submission and we will need you to complete the form for your applications to be processed. Please ensure you have provided as much information as possible in your application form.

Once we have received your application we will contact you regarding the next steps.

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Upon joining VFA, the volunteers are trained to intensify their potential to meet identified goals as well as familiarizing them with environment.

VFA provides training and learning support to volunteers in addressing the following needs:

  • Personal learning needs (eg adapting to living and working in a new culture, attitudes, ethics, language).
  • Development learning needs (eg HIV and AIDS as a development issue, gender, Millennium Development Goals, globalization)
  • Professional learning needs (eg training skills, programme development).

Interested? Download the volunteer agreement form and send to

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