Thematic Areas

Africa is an endowed continent. We have amazing wildlife, soils, abundant water and minerals. Yet, as populations grow, these resources are bound to be strained therefore jeopardising lives. Unfortunately, despite being the least polluter, the continent bears the burden of climate change – diseases, drought and floods among others. To address this, through our advocacy platform, we challenge individuals and communities to participate towards addressing environment and natural resources management issues in the continent. We also advocate for accountability and action from all stakeholders involved in environment and natural resource management area to play a constructive role in ensuring a clean and secure continent.

A vibrant Africa is one where its people participate in the governance. Through our advocacy platform, we challenge individuals and communities in thecontinent to participate in governance processes to better their lives.

A healthy person is resourceful and productive. Due to poverty, most Africans cannot afford basic healthcare. Also, many Africans have, at some point, been ravaged by preventable diseases such as malaria, typhoid, sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs) among others. To address this, we see our space in the health sector by forging partnerships, creating awareness and being relentless in advocacy to alleviate the ravages of diseases in the continent. This, we do, by creating awareness on hygiene, proper sanitation as well as advocate for proper health policies by governments in the continent.

Poverty denies human beings the opportunity to grow with dignity. It robs them their value as human beings. In Africa, most people live below the poverty line. VFA model of addressing poverty in the continent is hinged on advocacy (where we advocate for sound poverty reduction strategies by governments),partnerships with other stakeholders to train, equip communities with lifeskills, promote decent work opportunities especially for vulnerable groups and empower communities to set up income generating projects.

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